About Us

Dadgum Nerds is a "Family-First Fanboy Fun" podcast where a group of husbands and fathers talk about their adventures in Dad Life and Nerd Life.  Started in 2020, Dadgum Nerds delves into all things geek and nerd while keeping the important things in life at the forefront.

The Dadgum Nerds

Andrew McPherson

Andrew loves just about everything geeky and nerdy, but has a special place in his heart for animation (as producing and editing the Dadgum Nerds podcast).  Andrew, his wife Kristen, and their son Theodore live east of Atlanta, GA.


Zach Yokum

Not only is Zach the resident Star Wars expert for Dadgum Nerds, but also leads the team in love of Scotland, whisky knowledge, and his never-ending stream of puns.  Zach, his wife Meredith, and their son Rowan live just south of Atlanta, GA.

Kevin Wearne

While taking care of his four kiddos, Kevin continues to add to his knowledge of all things geek and nerd.  Kevin, his wife Margaret, and kids Felicity, Maximilian, Theodore, and Molly live south of Atlanta, GA.


Trip Owens

Trip knows his Marvel/DC stuff as well as his video games, but spends lots of his time simply being a Dad (and dishing serious amounts of snark on the other dads).  Trip, his wife Faith, and their daughter Hattie live in Birmingham, AL.

Aaron Brown

When not being the next great political leader of our lifetime, Aaron spends his time geeking out about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  Aaron, his wife Caitlin, and his sons Cameron and Harrison live northeast of Atlanta, GA.


Brett McPherson

Brett is the living embodiment of Captain America with the actual National Guard rank and legit shield to go with it too!  Like, seriously, we all think he should have been cast in the MCU.  Brett, his wife Jessica, their son Josiah, and baby-on-the-way live south of Atlanta, GA.

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