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What is Dadgum Nerds? The Place for Family First Fanboy Fun!

Greetings, True Believers! And welcome! We’re a group of guys with kids who love our families and nerd lore - in that order.

On a weekly basis, we’ll discuss various nerd-related topics and how they fit into dad life. Sometimes we’ll chat about Star Wars, sometimes we’ll talk about dirty diapers. Maybe we’ll talk about Frodo and how he should have picked better friends. Maybe we’ll chat about how we’ve watched Moana for the 9,133rd time because it’s the only thing that keeps our kid quiet some days and how we’ve developed a twitch in our eye anytime we hear “You’re Welcome”. But we digress….

Our Dadgum Promise is this:

We won’t say anything on our podcast that we wouldn’t say around our kids.

So don’t be afraid to turn us up on your speakers! We get it, little ears are everywhere. They won’t hear anything unsavory over here. Just our love of geekdom!

Listen in with us each week to get your fill of all things geeky and goofy, references your wife won’t get, fart jokes, dad stories, and plenty of good-natured snark!

Check out a quick bio about each of our podcast contributors. Get to know us and check us out on social media so we can get to know you as well! And be sure to check out the Dadgum Nerds podcast released every Monday at 9am for more family first fanboy fun!




Andrew is the father of a cute little chunk named Theodore and loves to nerd out on animation, video games, Marvel and DC comics, and all things Star Wars. As a first time father, he considers keeping his son alive both a special skill and a crowning achievement.


Trip’s daughter pooped on him the second day she was alive. Since then, he has elevated dodging rectal projectiles to a high art. He stinks out loud at multiplayer games, so you’ll never catch him playing Call of Duty; but he loves himself an epic single player game like God of War or Red Dead Redemption.


Kevin’s old school. A man raised on Gen 1 Transformers, and TMNT. He knows his roots. He’s got four (!) kids and has learned to keep calm even when they set the house on fire.


Zach has a baby boy back home that will hopefully inherit his love of fantasy. He’s a Jedi Master of bad jokes (some would call them, Dad jokes, but let’s be real, the only difference is a letter). He’s the father of one.


Technically the father of 2 (one on the way), Aaron is teaching his 3 year old kid everything about rugby and Star Wars. One day, the combination of those two passions will become a recognized sport.


Brett loves just about anything with a strong story; but, to him, there's just nothing quite like a good Marvel movie (and his son, Josiah, who is pretty dang cute). And as a Captain in the National Guard, he brings a WHOLE new level to the name Captain America.


When not working on his popular YouTube channel, Victor not only takes care of his baby girl, Lila, but also squeezes in a few rounds of Halo and World of Tanks, all while causing general shenanigans in Skyrim. He secretly hopes he can one day get the tanks in Skyrim.


Find all of The Dads on social media on our About Us page! If you'd like to get in touch with The Dads, simply head to the Contact tab on the Dadgum Nerds website, or email us at thedads@dadgumnerds.com.


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