• Trip Owens

Dadgum Nerds | Episode 005 - Recap

Enjoy a Disney deep dive on today’s episode of Dadgum Nerds! The dad’s rank their favorite-wait for it- Disney princess movies! No we’re not creepy, we’re just nerds. These are movies that we all grew up with and now that we have kids, those films have gotten a second wind because they’re playing all the time in our houses. So yeah, we’re pretty well versed in Disney.

Brett, Trip, Andrew, and Kevin all came together and ranked their top 3 choices based on their own individual standards and everyone agreed with one another and the podcast was over in 15 minutes and they all lived happily ever after…..yeah right. At times it was a knock down, drag out, bare knuckle brawl over what constitutes a Disney Princess. Either way, the dad’s had way more fun than should be legal!

Oh yeah, and somehow, they managed to work poop into the discussion.


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