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Dadgum Nerds | Episode 002 - Recap

Welcome to The Zach Show Episode 002 of Dadgum Nerds! Our opening topic is, “What makes Star Wars, 'Star Wars?'” And the Dads (namely Zach), had opinions!

Now, this whole discussion could have burned down like Owen and Beru’s homestead; but to their credit, the Dads handled their differences with quite a bit of grace and finesse! Even so, their respective passions bubbled over at times. For instance, when Kevin shared his thoughts, he asked not to be interrupted before he finished. He was. A lot.

Aaron put it best, "I’m not opposed to NEW characters. I’m opposed to new BAD characters.” The team covers what they like, what they don’t like, and most importantly, how to fix it. Spoilers: None of their plans involve Jar Jar Binks. And the Dadgum Feud, of course, covered various Star Wars topics and Aaron making fart noises doing his best R2-D2 impression. Hilarity ensues.

Hey, if you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself!


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